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Haaaalp! [18 Nov 2010|03:28am]

Hello St. John's people,

So I just moved here in September from New York to be with my girlfriend (Gonna be starting at MUN in the spring semester), but at the moment, I'm just very bored :( I really like St. John's, but I wanna get out and DO more things. However, I'm at a loss on what to do :( 

So I was wondering, do any of you guys know of any cool groups that are around, or just general fun things to do, preferably where I can meet other people and go more than once? I'm an almost 20 year old girl, and I'd love to meet new people and do some fun stuff. My only friends here are my girlfriend's friends, so I'd like to make my own friends, do my own things, etc. It'd help make me feel way more independent, and give me a way to break up the monotony until school starts up.

I live not too far from downtown at all, I live in Rabbittown. Kinda near Mayor and Merrymeeting and Freshwater, if any of that matters without giving away my exact street, hahaha. 

Comments and help would be appreciated! =) 
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Appartments&Misc [14 Jul 2010|10:23pm]

I will be moving to St. John's in late August/ September or grad school and I was wondering if anyone knew any useful websites for rental listings. Since I currently live in Toronto I'd like to get a reasonably priced furnished apartment (downtown preferably). In Canada, I've only lived in Toronto (rents are ridiculous) so I was wondering if it is realistic to look for a downtown furnished apartment under 1000 dollars.

Additionally, I was wondering what the general St. John's/Newfoundland attitudes are towards LGBT people.

Thanks :)
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[09 Jul 2010|09:05pm]

Hey hey!

Bit of a strange question maybe, but I'm just staying here for a bit and don't know much about the area just yet. I'm wondering if there are beaches near St. John's that can be accessed without a car. Like, are there greyhound-type buses that might take a person from downtown to a beach, say in Conception Bay South or something along those lines? Any hints would be greatly appreciated! I have a day off tomorrow and it's supposed to be 31 C, and I would love to experience Newfoundland's beaches before I go!
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Cat Needs A WestJet Flight [30 Aug 2009|09:07pm]

Heavenly Creatures has an elderly cat named Minnie Mouse in need of a flight to her owners in Ottawa. If you are flying via West Jet to Ottawa from St. John's on or before Sept 3/09, or know someone who is, please contact 739-0077.

All expenses will be paid for by the owner; the cat will be delivered to you at the airport here in town and picked up by the owner at Ottawa International. Please spread the word -- we need to get this cat home!

[crossposted to newfoundland]
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jacuzzi [17 Mar 2009|08:44am]

anyone know a good hotel/ B&B if you wanna curl up in a jacuzzi and celebrate?
We're looking for both nice and not too expensive.
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Pharmacy? [25 Dec 2008|10:04am]

Is there a pharmacy open in town anywhere today?

Christmas is inconvenient.
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to: [16 Dec 2008|11:42pm]

the couple on route 10 heading towards the avalon mall at around 3pm yesterday...

you two are adorable.

don't ever be anything but lovely and your precious selves.

it made me smile. :)

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Feeling Stress??? [07 Nov 2008|09:43am]

CARING FOR SELF, EMPOWERING SELF is the experience for you.

Saturday, November 22, 2008
10am - 3pm
The Lantern, 35 Barnes Road

Please bring your own lunch.

Retreat to experience your own healing energy where you will learn gentle but powerful techniques to help you care for and empower yourself and others.

Facilitated by: Margie Mulcahy, MA, CHTP, n.d.

To register call Margie at 747-1519 or email margiemulcahy@nl.rogers.com

Please register by Friday, November 21. Cost: $60
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Bubble Tea [07 Nov 2008|12:55am]

Is there anywhere to get bubble tea in St. John's? Sun Sushi no longer sells it, and they were the only place I knew of that had it.
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[24 Sep 2008|04:45pm]

hi, two things, where would be an inexpensive place to go to get a thorough clean of the inside of my car?
annnnd is there a tanning salon downtown anywhere?
Thanks! Vanessa
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Recommendations [20 Sep 2008|10:34pm]


Can anyone recommend a place in St. John's to get a lip piercing? Price, location and experiences (if any) would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)
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Moving back to BC Junk Sale [03 Sep 2008|01:01pm]

Hey, i've been here for 5 years, you may recognize me as the strange guy with the long hair and long beard sometimes with a red and yellow touque.

Anyway, i'm moving back to BC on Sept. 30th - this place will always be in my heart, the people here are wonderful on a scale i've never before experienced anywhere else - and have a few things some people might want - like bachelors/bachelorettes who don't care too much about used a coffee table with some dings and scratches, or end tables or whatever, and people who still use VCRs.

Well, let's see - here's the list of things i am selling, and if you do want to buy anything, email me at oylz_daefkt@hotmail.com, and we'll arrange for you to pick it up at my apartment near the 30th of the month. Most likely ON the 30th.
I live at 205 Logy Bay Rd, the apartment building near Newfoundland Dr.

Anyway, here's the list:

Household Stuff:
- 2 end tables and a coffee table of the same set - a little used and dinged here and there, but functional
$20 for the set. $5 for the end tables and $10 for the coffee table
- A 5-disk CD player with cassette tape players as well. Good condition.
- Light Pink Couch - single long cushion, not as long/wide as most couches, good for smaller apartments - $20
- 3, wooden, armed, mismatched, dining chairs (wacky, waving, inflatable, arm-flailing tube-man!)- one brown, one orange, and one white and black patterned - $10 for the all 3, $5 each (tube-man not included as it does not exist)
- Tall, black, standing lamp with smaller lamp attached to it as well - $5

VHS Tapes (i know i'm gonna have a lotta buyers for this category!):
- Lord of the Rings (all 3, extended versions) - $10 for the set or $4 per movie
- Indiana Jones (all 3) - $5 for the set, $2 per movie
- The Matrix Trilogy - $5 for the set, $2 per movie
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trilogy (from the 90s) - $5 for the set, $2 per movie
- Evil Dead Trilogy - $5 for the set, $2 per movie
- Batman, Batman Returns and Batman Forever - $5 for the set, 2$ per movie
- Terminator, and Terminator 2 - $3 for both, $2 per movie
- Pantera: "Vulgar Video," and "3: Watch it Go" - $3 for both, $2 per video
- Pink Floyd: The Wall - $2
- Spiderman Cartoon (from the 60s, "Lizards Lizards Everywhere") - $1
- 2 He-Man tapes, one episode on each ("Dragon Invasion" and "The Problem With Power") - $2 for both
- 2 Hercules TV Movies (from the 90s series - "In The Underworld" and "The Lost Kingdom") - $2 for both
- 12 Monkeys - $1
- Fantasy Mission Force (Jackie Chan) - $1

There are a few other items that i might be able to put up, pending permission of the person i lived with, and whether she wants them or not (like a dresser, and some free-standing shelves, a table and a desk) - but everything mentioned above is up for grabs!
My glorious treasure trove, haha. I'll be lucky if one person wants the end tables, hehe.

Well, please let me know if anything up there interests you!
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Manic Panic, etc. [31 Jul 2008|03:58pm]

Does anyone happen to know where I might find Manic Panic or similar hair dyes in St. John's?
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[22 Jul 2008|10:39pm]

Hey folks!

Here's the situation.

I'm travelling to St John's for two weeks, 31 Aug to 14 Sept.
Were can I find good, cheap accommodations?
I have no car (no license). What do you recommend for activities or out trips (again, inexpensive is best)?

This is my scouting mission to relocate to St John's. I visited three years ago and fell in love. Any help you can give would be fantastic!


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[22 Jun 2008|11:46am]

Would anyone be interested in New Festival Dance tickets for tonight? It would be best if you had wheels it involves a bit of running around. (I won them) Only let me know if you intend on going, I don't want them to go to waste! Thanks, Vanessa.
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[03 Jun 2008|10:48am]

Me again.
Anyone know where I can get a raincoat and hat with some style and perferably not yellow?
This may be too much to ask I realize.
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Movie Rentals [23 May 2008|10:28pm]

Hey Everyone, What is the cheapest place to rent dvds in St. John's? I paid 5 bucks for one the other day and I wasn't too impressed.
Cheers, Vanessa.
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[20 May 2008|06:19pm]

HI! I just moved to St. John's from Windsor, Ontario, and I'm looking for a job, and possibly some friends, if anyone has info on either, let me know! Cheers!
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as seen in VANL [20 Apr 2008|11:42am]

Call for Submissions

Call for Interest: Village Shopping Centre – Proposed Art Exhibition, St. John’s (NL)

Proposed Date: May 31 – June 1, 2008

The Village Shopping Centre is canvassing for potential participation in an Art Exhibition during the weekend of May 31st- June 1st 2008 . We would like to create a gathering of local artists and provide them with a bright, wide open space in which to display their work to the local community and visiting tourists. Artists could not only show their previous works but could also give a demonstration of their “process” by working on a current piece. This show would not be a “sale” per se but will most certainly allow viewers to see what pieces are available to them through off site purchase.

There also is the possibility of getting another one of our events involved in this particular one. The Village Foundation annually gives $7,500 in funding to each of two local schools by way of awarding personal computer systems to winners of scheduled contests within the school throughout the year. We have one school looking to hold an Art Competition this spring. It may be possible to have the students exhibit their works during this professional Art Exhibition and have the professionals judge the amateurs!

Of course we are in the planning stages so there are many elements that could be incorporated as we go along and we are most certainly open to suggestions!

For further information, contact

Karen Kennedy

Promotions Director

The Village Shopping Centre

709-364-7011 ext. 26
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Photography question [31 Mar 2008|09:16am]

Where's the best place to have your pictures blown up to 16x20 in the St. John's / Mount Pearl area?
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